Activist calls for early poll

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The National, Thursday 15th December 2011

THE solution to the current political impasse is for Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio to dissolve Parliament and call for fresh election.
Non-government organisation activist Noel Anjo said Sir Michael should make the right decision in the best interests of the nation.
It follows the stalemate created when on Monday the Supreme Court ruled to restore Sir Michael Somare as Prime Minister while Parliament voted in favour of keeping Peter O’Neill there.
Parliament had in a motion without notice this week quickly amended the National Executive Council and Prime Ministers Act 2002 to give legality to O’Neill’s election to the post of prime minister.
Anjo said the NGOs would stage a peaceful march to the Government House in Port Moresby today to present a petition the Governor-General. They said if he did or could not sign the instruments for either Sir Michael or O’Neill as per legal merit, parliament  must be dissolved.
Anjo said the people were confused because there seemed to be two Prime Ministers.
“Sir Michael was reinstated by the court and O’Neill was appointed by the parliament,’’ he said.
“These are decisions by two separate arms of the government who perform separate roles and it is confusing the people.”
Anjo said the ball was in Sir Ogio’s court and he had to do something.