Actors need funds to attend preview


The National- Friday, February 4, 2011


Papua New Guineans can do what others in the world can do, as shown through the movie Dschungelkind (Jungle Child).

One of the 83 Papua New Guineans who took part in producing the movie, McPolly Koima, said this at the sneak preview and fundraiser for the PNG cast of the movie.

Another member of the PNG cast, Calextus Simeon said film-making in PNG needed to be enhanced, through which the young people of PNG would know their history.

“From Tukana to Sanguma to the late William Takaku’s role in Robinson Crusoe alongside Pierce Brosnan, Papua New Guinean artistic potential has proven that it has what it takes to be a major money-maker and promotional tool for PNG and for PNG tourism, arts and culture,” Marianna Ellingson, the Director General for the office of Tourism, Arts and Culture (OTAC) said.

Dschungelkind is a German film that was shot in Malaysia recently.

German movie company UFA Cinema produced the movie, which will be distributed worldwide by Universal Pictures after the premier in Berlin, Germany, on Feb 7.

Five members of the PNG cast had been invited to attend the movie premier in Germany.

Air Niugini has agreed to sponsor return airfares for the team of five to travel to Singapore.

However, funds are needed for onward and return journey between Singapore and Berlin.

The sneak preview and fundraiser was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Port Moresby last Wednesday.

Representatives from the private and public sector organisations in PNG attended the event.

Ellingson said the team needed about K50,000 to meet airfare costs between Singapore and Berlin.

Organisations that made pledges included the Institute of Public Administration (K2,000), Tourism Ministry (K1,000), National Cultural Commission (K10,000), Hugo Canning (K2,500) and the Foreign Affairs Department (K2,000).

Ellingson said that about K18,000 had been pledged and donated to assist the team of five to travel to Germany.

She said the film trailer and behind-the-scenes that was shown on Wednesday night was also available on YouTube.