Ad misleading, lawyer says

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The National, Friday February 7th, 2014

 THE University of Technology council’s decision to bring back deported Vice-Chancellor Dr Albert Schram into the country has been described as “contempt of court” by the former council.

Chancellor Sir Nagora Bogan last Friday took out a paid advertisement in The National announcing the council’s decision to bring back Schram and asked Immigration to respect its decision.

Former deputy chancellor and lawyer Ralph Saulep yesterday described the advertisement as a “deliberate and misleading message”. 

“Sir Nagora and his council are acting in a ‘caretaker’ role only as a result of the agreement reached at the campus on Jan 14, 2013, chaired by the prime minister,” he said.

“Both the legality of his position as chancellor and the appointment of his council are still the subject of judicial review proceedings currently pending. 

“As a learned lawyer, he should know that matters which are the subject of proceedings are sub-judice and therefore should be left to the court to decide.