Address abuse of office in Mt Hagen


SOME officers engaged by salaries to help the officer in charge of salaries in the education services in Western Highlands have deliberately abused office protocols.
This office is not for Western Highlands people only.
There are people from all over the country working and teaching in the province.
The ones in there are continuously speaking in their local vernacular, chewing betel nut while serving clients, frequently moving in and out of office, and serving wantoks better than others.
They should use one language (English) that everyone understands.

Offended officer, Yaltaire
Mt Hagen


  • That is an attitude problem. You only use your local vernacular in your village where everyone speaks the same language.

  • Hagens’ are conservative people, they only think for themselves, they would hardly give you anything, would associate with you that expecting only you to give them something ,take & give never works in their lives…..

  • Wanbel lo ol comments..

    Time to change I guess for those English and Tok Pisin speaking Hageners..

    Respect to others MUST be given where its due and this society would be a better a place.

    Look at Japan and their success for instance. Pasin blo respect i kilim ol wansait…

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