Address all forms of violence


THE demise of a young woman from her husband’s hands sparked a wild campaign that raked everybody’s support.
People took to the streets, media went frenzy, political leaders condemned this action, while business houses reinforced their stance and supported the ending violence campaign.
People are too smart to know what true violence from ordinary violence is.
Sounds stupid though, however, people seem to make more fuss about violence against women than any other violence.
While the issue was still hot, people went to an extent that they ignored other violent murders such as the recent one in Gerehu, sorcery-related deaths in Madang and the fatal killings up in the Highlands, thus carrying on with the campaign on women’s safety.
Murder is murder as violence is still violence.
If women need justice, those who demised under such violent acts also need justice.
It is unreasonable to sympathise on one hand and ignore the other.
Seems like only women are facing violence and so it renders the silence to be broken.
By ignoring all those hundreds of deaths that have happened, only violence against women appears to have turned people on.
Where were you when people up in the Highlands were killed in tribal fights?
Where were you when a man was stabbed to death by opportunists?
Where was your support when someone was in tears begging for mercy when tortured to death accused of sorcery?
Aren’t these deaths violent?
Deaths of this calibre have been happening around us all the time and have not gain such patronage.
PNG has been waiting for a very long time for such solidarity.
Not every eyes that are open are seeing and not every eyes that are closed are sleeping.
Though our eyes are seeing what is happening, still we are not seeing what is happening.
Hope this one hit the bull’s eye, hence a wakeup call.

Avisero Isare,
#Justice for all