Address child prostitution


CHILD prostitution is a serious issue in the country.
If not taken seriously, it will destroy us.
Authorities should take a bold stand to curb it before it spreads like wildfire.
The authorities should:

  • CONDUCT awareness on child prostitution in rural and urban areas. The awareness should include how child prostitution will affect the younger generation;
  • ENCOURAGE church activities to help young people and others change their ways;
  • GET schools to encourage and promote better education as the fundamental pillar of life. They should teach young people about the disadvantages of child prostitution;
  • GET the police to actively address child prostitution. A toll free number should be created so such cases can be reported. The police should work with the community policing unit, village court officials, ward councillors and church leaders to ensure everyone understands what child prostitution is and its effects on society; and,
  • ENSURE the Juvenile Justice Act does not lay idle. Authorities should review the Act and make it effective by using the law to deal with those practising child prostitution. In doing so, those involved will face the consequence of their actions and serve as a deterrent for those thinking of being involved in this illegal act.
    I believe this is how we can protect our younger generation by addressing the issue for a better future for our children.

Amos Karki Langu,
Via Email