Address city’s law and order problem, says Khay

Lae News, Normal


LAE city lord mayor, James Khay, has called on Police Minister and Morobe leaders to combine and fight law and order in the city.
Khay said many innocent people had been victimised for far too long and something had be done about it.
“Lae is a multi-cultural metropolitan city and should be treated as such,” he said.
He said some people go around causing headaches to innocent people and got away without being prosecuted.
Khay said there had been too many deaths and unnecessary destruction of properties that could have been prevented.
The lord mayor has called on the police minister, Sani Rambi, to make some attempt to address law and order situations in the nation’s second city.
He said police in Morobe should be beefed up from 300 to 1,000 personnel and Lae police vehicle fleet renewed.
Khay said police vehicles in the city had not been renewed for more than 10 years which “also plays a part in the inefficiency of police movements in attending to problems”.
He said Lae city has a population of about 180,000 and it was quite difficult to control.
“We cannot go on keeping unwanted people in the city who do nothing good but causes problems for other law abiding citizens,” Khay said.
He said police minister, Morobe leaders, himself included, must work together to do something about the law and order situation now.