Address crime in Kairuku, Mekeo


THIS refers to Central Governor Robert Agarobe’s question to Police Minister William Onglo last month on law and order issue in the National Capital District.
One thing to take note of is manpower of peace officers and village court magistrates at the ward level in Central.
Many Kairuku and Mekeo people have become victims of knife attacks, murder and violence.
These crimes are committed mostly by youths under the influence of alcohol and marijuana.
Many cases are not dealt and offenders are taking advantage of this.
The Bereina police officers are not patrolling the wards and crime rate is increasing.
Police and peace officers in the Bereina are not working together to tackle deal with offenders.
This is contrary to the Government’s desire to see development reaching down to the community, especially in ward levels.
The Kairuku and Mekeo people have huge land areas that are undeveloped and there is potential for great development.
All it takes is for Central leaders to clean their backyards.

Fred Turia