Address issues affecting Madang


JUSTICE Minister and Madang MP Bryan Kramer will agree with me that Madang was once known as the pearl of the Pacific in terms of tourism.
Kramer can also agree with me that Madang has lost this title.
Infrastructure around the town has fallen in a heap with the roads now becoming one of the worst in the country.
Criminal activities are on the rise every day.
Madang is going through a killing spree.
In The National yesterday, it was reported that an unidentified body was found floating in the sea at Sek Point.
We believe in Kramer’s leadership to restore back the credibility and integrity of the province, but we are wondering why it is taking too long.
Is Kramer too busy about national issues?
Does he have time for Madang?
Even if you he is busy handling national issues, what intrigues me is while he’s busy dealing with national issues, isn’t he ashamed to see criminal activities on the rise, killing spree continuing with depilated road conditions reported in the media?
Past MPs have done nothing about these issues.
When Kramer was elected, we thought Madang will gradually change and regain its name, but we are yet to see changes.
Only time will tell.

Madang Resident