Address social issues through music


THESE days, music practice is alright for it enhances creative arts, talent and helps boost the country’s music industry to the next dimension.
However, the young today still do not know how to express thoughts into music (songs).
There are many issues in and around the country and the world which singers need to be creative enough to turn them into words and bring a good messages across to the people via music.
For example, Lucky Dube and Bob Marley in their songs address crosscutting issues such as rape, murder, good governance, independence, freedom of speech and that is how they help change the way people think and act.
Papua New Guinean singers are competing for honours and recognition.
Try to be an example and a role model in the music industry by putting words into music.
See if you can forge some changes by bringing peace, hinder domestic violence, corruption, poverty and tribal fights.
It is time to think out of the box and be a legend. Let your voice be heard for ages even after you depart this world.

Jason Pomaleu Nimbemer Jr ,
Erap, Morobe

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