Address water issue


THERE seems to be a fluctuation in water pressure without any probable reason given by the water service provider for the past week.
Ironically, this has coincided with the apparent merger between the two main water service providers in the country.
Whether this issue is a direct or indirect result of this or due to some physical infrastructure being replaced or maintained is yet to be confirmed.
However, there has been no public notice either through the media concerning the fluctuations in water pressure on a daily basis.
It is frustrating to turn on the taps to see the water pressure varying from trickles and drips and drops to full pressure, without any notice to at least plan.
Water is a key utility in an urban setting such as Port Moresby and the lack of due notice is unbecoming of our water service providers.
I do stand to be corrected however, if I have missed any public notices concerning these water pressure fluctuations within the city. But to date, I haven’t come across any.
Please water service providers, get your act together and provide your customers an update at least concerning this.
We are not in a rural setting where we can fetch water from the rivers and streams or dug out wells.
Please shed some light on this so we your customers have some idea of what is happening.

Joe. B,

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