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THE United Nations (UN) was established in June 1945 following the atrocities experienced after both World Wars, hence purposely to end violence and bring peace across the globe.
In recognition of the need to address the ongoing harrowing experience felt and continue to grow in the world, a mechanism was needed to promote peace and security.
That’s when UN was established purposely to end violence and human rights abuse around the world.
In doing so, PNG as one of the 192 member states to the UN, have seen and felt some impact.
Last Friday’s newspaper (June 12) had an article on the UN backing our leaders to end violence against women after the beating of PNG athlete Debbie Kaore.
I am reminded of our fellow neighbours in West Papua.
Indonesia became the 60th member state of the UN in 1960 and is subject to standards of the UN since then.
Since the beginning of the genocide in West Papua, UN had remained silent in performing its responsibilities to bring peace and stop violence.
Though there has been many appeals made by the Pacific Islands leaders to the UN to address this issue, it has fell on deaf ears.
They went to an extent where John Anari, the ULMWP leader, was shut down when he tried to address his people’s issues in the UN General Assembly last year.
It is funny and contradictory, that they (UN) being so vigorous and supportive in, what I will call, trivial affairs in PNG than being silent to the mass human rights abuse in Indonesia.
Hence, if the UN can go down with an iron fist with just a beating of a lady in PNG, such atrocities in West Papua should be twice addressed already.
The UN should look at clamping down on big issues first before mingling in trivialities.

E. Ulach,

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  • Well said, Ulach. UN is good at playing hypocrisy. Barking so loud about trivial issues within PNG but turning a blind eye to the more weightier issues of West Papua.

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