Addressing quality of maths, science starts at primary school


RESEARCH conducted by fourth-year students at St Peter Channel College in Kokopo reveals that addressing issues regarding the learning of mathematics and science begins at primary school level.
The secondary teacher’s training college in East New Britain was established to help address drop in standards of maths and science around the country.
The research said once students were interested in taking up the two subjects, teachers at the secondary level must be more innovative in grasping and maintaining that interest in students.
Based on research on academic results between 2015 and 2017, the mean average results of mathematics and science streams of biology and chemistry were below the cut-off mark of 40 per cent.
The research says maths and science courses at upper-primary level must be taught in interesting and effective ways to motivate and capture students’ interest, so that they could pursue further studies in relevant fields.
The report also suggest that teachers at secondary level should be broad-minded and ensure topics were covered extensively and completed before proceeding to the next lessons.
This was to ensure students had a firm understanding of topics they were taught and to avoid failing assignments or exams, and improving general academic results.The research said students of these days were easily distracted with new technology.
The report also stated that teachers must also possess knowledge and skills to understand where and when various tools best supported their curriculum.

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