Adhere to health measures


THE best defence to protect ourselves and our loved ones from Coronavirus (Covid-19) is to strictly follow all protocols and measures announced.
The Covid-19 is real.
It knows no boundaries and does not discriminate.
The Government last year imposed a lockdown followed by a state of emergency (SOE) in its effort to have an isolation strategy so authorities can pinpoint if the virus was present after the first breach of security.
As of Monday, Papua New Guinea has recorded 19,704 cases of which 18,381 have recovered.
The total number of deaths stand at 227.
PNG has so far recorded 97 cases of the Delta variant that tripled from 30 on Sept 1.
West Sepik, Madang, Hela, Morobe, Western, National Capital District, Central and Milne Bay are reported to have recorded the Delta variant.
The rise in the number of the Covid-19 Delta variant in the border provinces of West Sepik and Western indicates a total defiance all Covid-19 protocols.
Reports received show people were still crossing the border despite the travel restrictions.
The Delta variant is believed to be 50 to 70 per cent more transmittable than the Alpha variant and is the fastest and the fittest variant.
The Government, in March last year, declared a 14-day partial lockdown after the first Covid-19 case was confirmed on March 20.
A partial lockdown was implemented earlier this year.
This time round, the National Control Centre revised the measures and has imposed a ban on any gathering of 20 people of more.
The fight to contain the Covid-19 pandemic is global.
All nations are working together on this.
It is for everyone’s benefit that these measures are put in place – from social distancing to getting into crowded areas and the simplest reminder of personal hygiene.
The message of practicing hand hygiene (wash your hands regularly with soap and water), respiratory hygiene (cover your cough) and social distancing as a prevention measure is the new rule. It seems not all Papua New Guineans take the Covid-19 seriously and it shows in not wearing of face masks in public, continuous gathering in huge numbers without practising social distances and washing of hands.
Many are becoming “doubting “Thomas” and want to see disaster strike right before their eyes to believe.
The amount of false information (disinformation) currently being circulated on social media platforms is preventing people from getting the vaccine.
The volume of false information against the Covid-19 virus and vaccine is being spread like wildfire with no control and with no attempt at verifying the source is shared at the press of a button.
PNG needs at least 70 per cent vaccination coverage to protect us the citizens against the deadly Delta variant that is rapidly sweeping across countries in the world.
This will then enable PNG to slow the pandemic; save and protect lives; and, drive economic recovery.
People have not been compliant to the Niupla Pasin strategies and measures put in place since the beginning of the outbreak.
The strategies and measures are the new way of living that makes basic hygiene and safe distancing a part of our new culture – as individuals, as families, as communities.
It means adopting behaviours and actions that are consistently practiced to reduce risk of Covid-19 and other infectious disease.
If developed nations such as the United States and the United Kingdom can be brought down to their knees by Delta and struggle to contain the virus, imagine what it would do to PNG.