Adhere to instructions


PEOPLE should not panic after the announcement of the first confirmed case of Covid-19.
The public should cooperate and adhere to all measures set out by the Government through the Health Department.
Upkeep of personal hygiene, self-quarantine and isolation from gathering of 10 or more people should be observed strictly until the World Health Organisation officially announces the global threat of Covid-19 is over.
Generally, people who over age of 50 and those who have other respiratory complications such as pneumonia or Tuberculosis and those who have a weak immune system will have some uphill battle with the Covid-19 pandemic.
While the race to find the antidote or vaccine for Covid-19 is ongoing, the encouraging news is that many existing drugs such as generic paracetamol and chloroquine are able to suppress and relieve the flu and fever like symptoms of Covid-19 to allow the body of an affected person to recover.
As a precaution, those with flu-like symptoms have to visit your nearest clinic for advice and treatment.
Prevention is better than cure.


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