Adhere to rules


THERE is no remedy to fix and remodel attitude.
As individuals, we must take full responsibility and total ownership and critically monitor our own attitude every single day.
This is to ensure we make the right choices in life.
You don’t need someone else to come and change your attitude.
The change is within us individuals.
We make amendments to our own lives.
Our attitude is our ability, and our ability is our strength and the strength we poses contains the power of choice.
People should not assume that God will protect us from this deadly virus because we are a Christian nation.
The answer is no!
Do not try to use religion as an umbrella and blackmail God for protection.
Obedient is better than sacrifice.
God uses people as instruments to disseminate protective information and He will only stand by with those who obey instructions.
This simply means that protection comes to those who choose to obey rules. Sure no doubt!
As a Christian nation, God will protect us but under one condition and that is by obeying rules.
God will not come down and directly speak to you face to face to do this or do that to stay safe.
God uses mankind as instruments to extend His mission to ensure His creation stays safe.
The power of choice is now in our hands.
We get infected or not is up to us.
We should adhere to simple rules laid down by Government authorities within this state of emergency period and practically apply them for our own good in this time of unprecedented situation created by Covid-19.
Do not roam around aimlessly and call the name of the Almighty in vain for protection.
It is the duty of men to obey rules and follow instruction.

Hanam Bill Sandu,

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