Adjournment of budget is wrong, says Sir Arnold

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The National, Monday 28th November 2011

THE adjournment of parliament to Dec 6 is government’s attempt to frustrate the budget in the face of a Supreme Court ruling on its legitimacy.
Former attorney-general and Madang MP Sir Arnold Amet said it had been announced earlier that the budget would be handed down on Nov 22, but this was later deferred to Nov 29 and now Dec 6.
“We do not know the reason but we challenge them to tell the nation that they will hand down the budget on Dec 6.
“The budget is the most important policy statement of any government to tell its citizens, development partners and business houses its money plan.”
Sir Arnold said Dec 6, was pertinent to Dec 9, on which the Supreme Court would deliver its decision on the legitimacy of the current government.
He said the ruling would be handed down by the Supreme Court on Friday and the government was attempting “to frustrate the budget in fear that on the 9th they will be kicked out.
“With its numerical strength, they are fearful of the ruling going against them. They want to corrupt the legislature. They are running scared trying all sorts of tricks.
“They cannot hold the nation to ransom,” Sir Arnold said.
“I challenge you to bring down the budget. Why the delay? It’s corrupt politics.
“They are playing around with the people’s budget. If they pass the budget they are fearful that we will take back the budget,” he said.