Administration needs shake-up


THE Popondetta Urban LLG, the administration and political bodies, have failed to uphold the integrity of the office.
I cannot believe the office has nothing in there; not even a chair or table to sit on.
It looks like a ghost office; there are no officers to attend to clients.
Does the office have a town manager and the administration body in place to maintain it?
There seems to be three groups – the LLG advisor’s group, town manager’s group and the town mayor’s group.
Revenue collected by the three groups are now showing in the LLG accounts.
Meanwhile the poor ward councillors who were mandated by the people are kept in dark and walking around doing nothing.
This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.
Lately, law and order problems in Popondetta Urban has gone from bad to worse.
A clear illustration of authorities not doing much.
It saddens me to see the richest LLG in Oro been neglected by those in power.
Popondetta Urban LLG lies in the provincial capital but the output looks very poor.
Can the Northern administration step in and do a reshuffle to the administration of this third level government?
Can the 11 ward councillors call for a vote of no confidence?
Leadership in today’s world requires innovative, visionary and qualified people who can move economies forward, not dumbs and outdated leaders.
Wake up and make the right choice now.
There’s no tomorrow.

Morobe Kumul

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