Administrator’s wife shot dead

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ESCALATING law and order problems in Goroka have claimed the life of the wife of the top public servant in Eastern Highlands province.
Kila Uyassi, the wife of provincial administrator Munare Uyassi, was gunned down by unknown suspects along Gonix Street on Monday between 7pm and 8pm.
Police were not alerted until about midnight when, by then, her killers had fled.
Eastern Highlands provincial police commander Chief Supt Augustine Wampe confirmed the shooting death of Mrs Uyassi at close range.
He said police responded to an alert hours later but turned up nothing.
“A self-loading rifle (SLR) was used.
“A special police unit has been assigned to investigate the killing,” Chief Supt Wampe said.
He said they found spent 7.62 SLR bullet shells at the scene of the crime.
According to police reports, Mrs Uyassi was shot in the chest and her right arm; the impact of the shot catapulted her backwards about a metre before she fell down.
“The suspects are still at large and police are working around the clock to apprehend them.
“I appeal to members of the public with leads and information to report to police,” Chief Supt Wampe said.
He said the suspects were reportedly waiting in a vehicle and fired upon Mrs Uyassi when she walked past, accompanied by an 18-year-old boy.
Reports said the victim and her escort were on their way to buy betelnut from a vendor about 400m away.
The 18-year-old escaped when the shots were fired.
Police also confirmed that stray bullets also hit a house near the crime scene.
Community leaders have blamed the Government for the escalating law and order problems in Goroka town.
They said politicians were not doing anything as killings, stabbings and fighting go on unnoticed at the main Goroka market.
Pick-pocketing was also rife at main bus stop.