Administrator ‘missing’

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The National, Wednesday 11th January 2012

A VILLAGE leader has questioned the absence of Enga’s Kompiam-Ambum district administrator Romalo Bapu from the district for the 10 years he had been in charge.
Nelson Malu asked where Bapu was operating from to address services lacking in the district.
He said Bapu was supposed to be the manager of the district and mouthpiece of the people but was never around.
Mali raised the concern after the Punap Bridge collapsed five weeks ago, affecting thousands of people.
He claimed Bapu had been based in Wabag and did not know what services the district lacked or what was happening there.
“We feel like orphans because we don’t have a proper administration with its head in the electorate who can raise our concerns on our behalf to our MP,” Malu said.