Administrator wants elites to form think-tank to drive Morobe


ADMINISTRATOR Bart Ipambonj is encouraging Morobe elites to come together to form a ‘think-tank’ to drive government visions and aspirations in the province.
Ipambonj and Governor Ginson Saonu agreed to invite Morobe intellectuals, the public, church and non-governmental organisations to lead in project studies.
“Province is not developed by government alone. Rather, the role of the government is to empower its people to mobilise their own resources, their sweat and labour for effective development,” Ipambonj said.
He said the provincial government and administration was limiting themselves using public servants.
“We must open doors to use specialist knowledge and skills of Morobe elites and I am passionate to take the lead outside the box to move things forward” he said.
Ipambonj said being a special projects coordinator was challenging because the system was suppressing the way officers thought to perform responsibilities.
“I want to continue to deliver as the public servant and with the opportunity offered as the administrator, I am optimistic to deliver at a bigger scale” Ipambonj said.
He said it was important to understand financial sources, how the funding was trickling down into which pockets to achieve what outcomes and who was benefiting.
“In doing so, we will streamline and realign funds and public servants to implement actual project plans” he said.
However, Ipambonj was concerned about the performances of public servants were below expected standards.
“I do not blame officers for poor performances due to unseen factors that may be causing people to act or do things the way they are doing, that needed to be rectified and put into perspective,” the administrator said.
“If any officer is underperforming, we must identify the cause to ensure whether he or she is occupying the wrong or right position and rearrange them to do their responsibilities correctly.
“I am enemy to none regardless of language, ethnicity, colour and creed but my biggest enemies are stubborn people that talk too much and backbite.”

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