Administrators told to think differently

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The National, Tuesday July 24th, 2012

ADMINISTRATORS of Seventh-day Adventist Church-run secondary and high schools have been encouraged to think differently.
At a recently completed week-long conference, the administrators were encouraged to think differently and bring changes to the Adventist education system in the country.
The conference’s theme was Beyond Ordinary.
Church South Pacific division associate director education and facilitator Ken Weslake said changing the mindset involves change in everything we do, including routine oriented tasks and the spirit of complacency.
He said if teachers were serious about the success of the next generation, they needed leadership and schools with a strong relationship with Jesus.
“The outcome of this divine relationship will allow secondary and high schools to produce quality outputs, while remaining as the best school,” he said.
The conference covered achieving quality education through partnership with the state, addressing issues affecting the Adventist education system, decision-making, strategic planning and governance, change management and school special character development.