Adopt ACE approach in OBE, Education Dept

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, December 29, 2010

 MY children go to a conventional school in the nation’s capital. Because of the high criticism of OBE, I decided to pull out my two younger children from the public school and transferred them to Maranatha Christian Academy in Tokarara, Port Moresby.

The difference in the quality of education provided by these two schools is very obvious. 

Both my younger children at Maranatha speak English more fluently than my children doing higher grades in public school. 

My younger children could read simple journals and newspapers and pronounce words correctly. 

They are also able to memorise and quotes of the entire chapters of the Bible without even looking at it.

They are disciplined and are well-mannered. 

They even pray before food is to be served and that made me and my wife proud. 

All these qualities are hardly found in my other children who go to public school.

I also noticed something interesting in Maranatha Christian Academy. 

The students are taught individually and each child is allowed to learn at his own pace.

If a child does not pass the unit test, he is asked to learn the unit again.

He will only be permitted to proceed to the next level when he passes the unit test.

I dare say 99% of the teaching approach in this school is student-centred with religious studies and spiritual development greatly emphasised. 

This school also uses the OBE but the way it is implemented and the approach taken is different from public schools.

What I want to emphasise is the Education Department should perhaps adopt the method ACE schools are using.



Curriculum assessor

Port Moresby