Adopt govt policies: TUC boss

The National, Wednesday July 6th, 2016

COLLECTIVE bargaining is important to ensure that wages and productivity go hand in hand, a trade union official says.
Acting president of PNG Trade Union Congress and president of PNG Energy Workers Association Eddie Gisa joined the National Tripartite Consultative Council for the National Labour Day and World Day Against Child Labour last Friday.
He said companies needed to adopt policies put in place by agencies including the Labour Department.
“Skill development can assist countries, enterprises and workers in upgrading their positions in the global supply chains.
“Skills upgrading and knowledge transfer can also facilitate the participation of developing countries in global supply chains by enabling them to meet standard of production required.
“While new transformed and challenges and opportunities are emerging in the workers who die each year as a result of occupational accidental and work related diseases, the victim of forced labour and the children engaged in child labour offer us a reminder of persisting decent work deficit.
“Labour administration and inspections are the way forward to eliminate these issues at various levels in our work places.”
Gisa said child labour had been found at all levels of the global supply chains and across many sectors including agriculture, manufacturing and retail around the world.