Adult student should attend FODE

Letters, Normal

The National

I REFER to the report “Education is the key” (Sept 7).
It raises some issues which I believe education authorities must address to maintain certain educational standards and allocate funding to improve our educational institutions besides addressing cases of adult education.
In this particular case, the Eastern Highlands provincial education authorities should not have allowed an adult to go to school with minors.
We have the flexible and open distance education (FODE) centre in Goroka for where Mr Namu can complete his primary education.
The primary school should strictly be for minors between the ages of six and 15.
Adults have an advanced understanding of life and it  is just not  right to put them in a learning situation with children.
So Mr Namu should be kindly told to continue his education through FODE centre at Goroka.


Jijiro Tubuna
Port Moresby