Advantages of e-learning outlined in conference

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The National, Thursday July 11th, 2013

 MEDIA communications have great impact in the dissemination of knowledge and skills in the learning process, the National Education Conference has been told.

John Kama from Think Tank Quiz said e-exams cut costs as they were paperless and countered cheating.

He recommends the e-exam concept be introduced in the education system.

Noel Mobiha talked about tele-education as a pathway for the future of education in the country

He said initiatives such as e-learning would cut costs like that for movement of papers from Waigani to schools in remote areas.

Communications consultant Mobiha said Papua New Guinea needed to set policy targets and establish a taskforce to look into setting up tele-education for easy access to information.

Mark Edy, from the University of Goroka’s Centre for Social and Creative Media, revealed the findings of haus piksa in the villages compared to learning in classroom settings.

Eby said informal media in movies watched at haus piksas and other forms of media used to disseminate knowledge in schools impacted learning in a bigger way.

Russel Deka, from the Information and Communication Technology department at UOG, said social media networks via mobile phones were having positive and negative impacts on learning.

“There is a need to have more control over accessibility of information via social media,” Deka said.