Adventist church begins evangelistic meeting

Faith, Normal

The National, Thursday 30th May 2013

 THE 8-Mile Seventh-Day Adventist church in Port Moresby last night began an evangelistic meeting on Bible prophecy titled Revelation of the future.

Speaker Pr Cameron Wari said there were 10 topics in the series filled with amazing biblical prophecies revealing the future of the world.

Pr Wari began with the topic “Revelation of the present reality – who is in control”.

Other topics include “Revelation of the past, present and future in Bible prophecy” and “Revelation of corruption in history”. 

 “This is a spiritual rehabilitation programme for the community aimed at refocusing the minds of families, young people and leaders of community in 8-Mile to look beyond the pains and fears of this insecure life and see the future – which God has revealed in His Word.

“There are dedicated Christians living in 8-Mile who have a great respect for God.”  

“Two years ago, I conducted a two-week evangelism meeting and received an overwhelming support from the community and I know they will show it again this year.  

 “There is a feeling of peace, love and security when the community of 8-Mile assembles for spiritual meetings like this.”

The next nine nights will see singing, videos and presentations from children, youths, health professionals and women groups.

The meeting is held at the 8-Mile Block 2 sports centre. It ends on June 7.