Adventist workers ready to resume duties after in-service


ADVENTIST church gospel workers in Western have resumed duties and are ready to take on this year after a week long in-service last week, a missionary says.
Dr Kasper Solo Puli a medical missionary in the South West Papua Mission (SWPM) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, who works for the Daru hospital as a dental surgeon, said it was a week of learning, prayer, retreat, revival and restoration.
“Invaluable spiritual insights, health and nutrition lessons were learnt,” he said.
Puli said the mission which covered the southern and western areas of the Southern region was a challenging place to work in.
He said with a population of more than 400,000 people, the mission covered more than 30 per cent of Papua New Guinea landmass.
“Challenges of the church include scattered isolated churches and members, huge landmass with challenging geography, no road links, only by sea or air and inadequate (numbers of) gospel workers,” he said.
“All these continue to burden the few gospel workers there.”
Puli said despite the challenges, 15 gospel workers and their families met at Woigi Primary School along the Orioimo River in South Fly for the in-service.
He said the programme was facilitated by SWPM president Pr Jeffery Taingai and directors from the mission office under the theme “What is in your hands?”
“The purpose of the meeting was to provide administrative and leadership directions, develop annual plan for 2020 and conduct sessions on specific practical areas such as the church leadership, total member involvement (TMI), world changer, Bible doctrines and preparation for a TMI harvest programme in March. Pr David Gairo and his wife, who is a dietician, presented on nutrition and taught practical methods of food preparation and preservation.
“Apart from sessions, Gairo led out in morning aerobic exercise, demonstrated massage therapy and other non-medicinal plant therapies,” Puli said.
Among the gospel workers were two retired pioneer Adventist pastors, John Wali and Ben Moide.

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