Adventist youths learn camping skills during Easter holiday


More than 200 children from the University of Papua New Guinea Adventist Church and the 9-Mile branch learnt camping skills, canoeing skills and other survival and life skills during the long Easter weekend.
The children were joined by parents and youths at the Yapa (Youth, Ambassador, Pathfinder and Adventurer) camp at Irupara in Central from Friday to Monday.
They learnt about leadership through Bible characters preached to them by the youths.
Other skills and lessons learnt included nature study, cooking, track and trail, building camping furniture, navigation skills, knot tying, learning about different types of shells and other fun activities.
They also went out to the nearby villages on Sabbath (Saturday) morning and shared the word of God with the villagers.
University of PNG Adventist Church Pathfinder director Edward Miro said the purpose of the camp was to fulfil the outdoor requirement for each class, especially the Pathfinder classes.
“We cannot do it in Moresby, because we don’t have the luxury of an area with natural surroundings where we can do those activities,” he said.
Miro said Pathfindering is about bringing up children in faith and teaching them life skills and survival skills to help them prepare to meet life and be good citizens of the nation.
“Most of the skills they (children) learn like navigation skills and survival skills help them throughout their lives.”