Adventists in East Sepik plan television station at Wewak


The Seventh-Day Adventist Church in East Sepik is working on establishing a Christian television station in the province,
says project chairman Nathan Kavi.
He told The National that their congregation in the province have decided to set up the station to deliver the gospel to many people at once both in the province and the Momase region as a whole.
“We have begun in 2012 and have set up the 45-metre receiver tower up at Mt Maihuang, Waramuru village in East Yangoru which was part completed in 2015 but there is still work to do to get it completed and ready for broadcasting,” Kavi said.
Director Damien Wabi said the Sepik Hope Media Network was an upcoming Christian television station that would telecast God’s word to the wider Christian
community and the surround regions.
“It is registered and recognised with the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) as a registered service provider.”
Wabi added that the project was initiated by the wider Christian community in the province and West Sepik with the main aim to deliver God’s word.
“There are so many things that are happening in our societies today and people need to also know about the love of God in their lives,” Kavi added.
He said the television station would also be educational to especially young children and youths to get to know God as early as they could.
“We have not decided yet where the broadcasting station will be as we are still trying our best to secure funds to get the tower completed.”
Wabi acknowledged the contribution of the partners and stakeholders that have assisted financially and in other ways.
“We are now appealing to individuals, corporate organisations, and political leaders to support us to complete the project which is intended to educate people and our society in the word of God,” he said.