Advertised land open to all: Minister


LAND that is advertised is open to any Papua New Guinean to apply for, Lands Minister John Rosso says.
Rosso said the transfer of land titles in the provinces were done by the provincial land boards while the formalities were facilitated by the department.
He said once land was advertised publicly, anyone (any Papua New Guinean) could apply for it.
Rosso said this when responding to questions from Kiriwina-Goodenough MP Douglas Tomuriesa in Parliament in relation to the transfer of several portions of land in his district.
Tomuriesia said the Lands Department advertised portions of land in Louisa and Bolubolu sub-districts and the land was acquired by people from outside of the district.
He said his district development authority needed land to implement their development plans but missed out.
Tomuriesa wanted to know how the land was given to outsiders and if the department could help by nullifying some of the titles so the district was given land.