Advise Baki to comply, court tells lawyer

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THE Waigani National Court yesterday advised a lawyer defending Police Commissioner Gari Baki in a contempt case to advise his client to respond to orders issued by the court.
Justice Les Gavara-Nanu told Mr Baki’s counsel, Hodges Ette, to advise Mr Baki on the
law and provide him copies of the court’s orders which Mr Baki had to comply with.
The orders were issued last year and again early this year for Mr Baki to reinstate 66 trainee constables who were suspended on medical grounds.
The matter first went before the court last year when the 66 trainee constables sued Mr Baki and Bomana Police Training College commandant, Supt Simon Nigi, for refusing to reinstate them after their suspension ended.
The court ruled in the plaintiffs’ favour and ordered Mr Baki to reinstate the 66, but Mr Baki failed to comply with the orders in the given period.
The plaintiffs then brought contempt proceedings against the commissioner for failure to comply with the court orders and the matter kept dragging on in court until yesterday, when Justice Gavara-Nanu advised Mr Baki’s lawyer to inform Mr Baki on the progress of the proceedings and for him (Mr Baki) to respond to the court orders.
“You, as the lawyer for the defendant, must advise your client on the matter and return to court on the next hearing,” Justice Gavara-Nanu told the lawyer.
The judge adjourned the matter to Nov 3 forfurther hearing.