Adviser: Men can cook up flavours

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The National, Tuesday 26th March 2013


MEN who cook at home can add flavour to their marriages, Australian adviser Glenn Davis says.

“This is to improve your relationship forever at home, so start cooking for your wives at home,” he told Personnel Management Department officers.

Davis is the adviser on gender equality and social inclusion (Gesi) with the department.

He started a cooking class for officers at the department’s headquarters in Port Moresby.

“It is really good to set up cooking classes as it helps men to assist with cooking in their homes,” Davis said.

He said Papua New Guinean men were some of the best outdoor cooks in the world.

Davis held a cooking session last Friday, aided by department secretary John Kali, demonstrating a fried rice recipe.

He encouraged men to become good cooks in their kitchens to help their wives.

 “Both partners in a marriage must work together,” Davis said.

The men’s cooking class is part of the department’s gender, equality, social and inclusion policy.

Kali said the cooking class was to teach men to cook good meals in their homes.

“Men need to be an example, a leader in their homes,” he said.