Adviser tells schools not to charge levy fees

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday 09th Febuary 2012

SCHOOLS in East Sepik have received the first component of the 60% tuition fee subsidy.
And provincial education adviser Joseph Auli has advised the schools not to charge the 25% levy on parents which the provincial education board had planned to surcharge to cover costs before schools start.
“Don’t charge the 25% if there’s money in the account,” he said.
He said the funds promised by the government had been received.
Auli said the department did not have the capacity to generate revenue regularly and called on head teachers and school boards to use funds wisely to avoid shortfalls.
The government funds might not meet all costs, especially for boarding facilities. But he thanked the government for the support towards education.
Auli said school uniforms and projects were not included in the tuition fee subsidy but parents would have to assist where necessary.
There were also a few issues on teachers’ postings which his office was looking into.