Advisor: Too much emphasis on church, less businesses

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013

 MOROBE commerce and tourism advisor Tali Yanga concurs with acting provincial administrator Geoving Bilong that too much church involvement by people is contributing to low business activity.

He was commenting on Bilong’s statement  in yesterday’s The National that Morobeans were putting too much emphasis on the church and less on businesses which could help them in their lives. 

It was resulting in outsiders riding roughshod over locals.

Morobe is a predominantly Lutheran province.

“I’m fully supporting my provincial administrator,” Yanga said.

“This mentality of church, church, church all the time, and depending on government handouts, must be done away with.

“We Morobeans must stand on our own feet and move forward.

“We want to be ‘babied’ all the time, we want to be songangs (church elders) all the time, we want to lotu (church) all the time.”