Advisor: We well attend to petition

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday February 27th, 2014

 MOROBE provincial education authorities are yet to address the petition from the Nawaeb High School on the armed robberies there.

Principal Gobuta Kosieng said the petition was presented last Friday and he was awaiting a response from authorities.

Gobuta said classes were affected because teachers had lost properties, even food and cash.

Provincial education programme adviser Murika Bihoro confirmed receiving the petition.

“However, I am extremely busy at the moment attending to student enrollments and summary sheets,” Bihoro said. 

“But I have scheduled to attend to it on Thursday.”   

Provincial education chairman Andrew Gena said he was saddened to learn about the incident in an article in The National on Monday.

“Such attitude is uncalled for,” Gena said. 

“I strongly condemned the act because education institutions are there to help educate our children.

“Nearby communities need to be mindful of what they do to teachers, students and school facilities.

“It’s a serious security issue in which teachers lost all their properties.

“We will also need a full incident report from the standard officer in Nawaeb.”

Police are still in the area investigating the matter.

They are asking the nearby communities to help them.