Advocate ready for Philippines

The National, Tuesday July 12th, 2016

 By Alphonse Porau
CLIMATE change advocate and goodwill ambassador Latin N’drihin is embarking on another pilgrimage across the Philippines – carrying a 12-foot cross.
He calls it the Creation Nature Peace Cross.
His purpose is to promote peace with nature and support Pope Francis’ messages “to care for God’s creations.”
The pilgrim walk is scheduled for Oct 10 and will take one month to complete.
He knows that the Philippines is a country with strong Catholic base. His pilgrim walk and carrying the nature peace cross, he believes, will gain more followers in supporting his mission.
The message he will convey on his trip to Philippines is: “abusing and destroying God’s creations is a crime and the biggest sin in modern history which leads to nature attacking us because of our selfish and greediness towards the environment”.
He explains that the cross he carries on his journey symbolises love, care, respect, peace and understanding God’s creations.
He believes that when he carries the cross, he can feel the miracle that nature is speaking and directing him on which country to visit.
Despite obstacles and challenges he encounters, he still has the passion to walk the pathway to destiny, because he believes that Christians out there are waiting to touch the cross in nature’s name.
He said nature’s “womb” is among the most abandoned and maltreated of our selfish, greedy humanity.
He believes that by abusing and destroying God’s creations, nature has taken us into a ransom – with climate change and demand attitude change to save planet earth.
The Creation Nature Peace Cross was commissioned by Fr Dominic Maka from the Lorengau Catholic Parish in Manus two years ago.
He made his first ever official peace walk in Fiji last year.
It was a two kilometre walk around Suva city, the capital of Fiji on the island of Viti Levu.
The creation nature peace cross, he claims, is the last saviour for men to repent their sins and have peace with nature.
He is not from a Catholic background but as an ordinary believer, the message from Pope Francis has inspired him to be his follower, purposely to care for creations and the poor.
He explains that there have been so many messages made by Pope Francis around the world, outlining the Catholic principles in mitigating climate change and caring for creations and the poor.
Thus, Catholics are trying their best to address the issues because we are at the edge of a natural catastrophe.
And each year the problem gets worst.
He says what Pope Francis is advocating must be considered seriously by everyone.
In other words, each of us must stand and carry his or her cross in support of the papal message.
He is doing his bit.