Advocate wants new laws

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The National, Monday February 17th, 2014

 LAWS regarding family and sexual violence in the country need to be reviewed to fully protect victims from the perpetrators, an advocate says. 

Mary Albaniel, the chairperson for “1billion rising for justice” said this during the campaign against violence held at the Jack Pidik Park, in Port Moresby, last Friday. 

“The justice system in the country needs a change to protect victims of all sorts of violence,” she said.

Albaniel said that even though the country had a legal system that protected victims from the perpetrators, it did not really do enough to fully protect them.

“The main problem we face here are the procedures to get full protection against the perpetrators are too long and usually gives enough time for them to attack again.”

The first place that victims go to for help when in danger is the police station and the police, she said, did not address the issue swiftly enough.

The section that deals with family and sexual violence closes on the weekend which is the time when a lot of cases are expected to be reported.

Albaniel said many donor agencies had shown interest to help with funds but unless the police station commanders met with these organisers, the operation problems could not be solved.

She hopes to meet with the station commanders to get a report on the state of family and sexual violence operations and come up with a committee that will review the system and draw up a proper reform so victims can get immediate help.

The campaign on “1billion rising for justice” saw several participants set up information booths on the type of services they offered, ranging from medical services to counselling.