AFLPNG announces scholarship recipients

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The National- Friday, January 28, 2011

 THE relationship between AFLPNG and De La Salle Secondary School has strengthened with AFLPNG awarding scholarships to 27 students this year.

Building on last year where 17 boys attended De La Salle on AFLPNG scholarships, the school has supported the development of the game by allowing AFL to be an integral part of the boys’ curriculum. 

Newly appointed director of the AFLPNG Academy Moses Kar said the boys focused on training hard and improving their football skills, however he acknowledged that academic success is a priority.

“First and foremost, the boys must dedicate their time to their studies. 

After they have completed their studies for the day we allow them to play football,” Kar said.

De La Salle accommodates the students on campus at Bomana outside Port Moresby. 

The boys all share a dormitory that is provided with showers and toilet facilities, a common area and a kitchen. 

There is a football oval located within the grounds where the boys train every day.

“The facilities are perfect for what we want in our programme. 

“There are adequate sporting facilities and equipment and the sleeping quarters are fine. 

“We are hoping to increase the number of scholarships awarded in the future, and in doing so continually upgrade our accommodation and sporting facilities.”

The selection process for the academy begins at school football throughout the provinces. 

The best players are selected to represent their region at the regional championships. 

From the regional championships players are selected to play at the Coca-Cola National Championships where players are selected for the AFLPNG Talent Camp, and International Junior Representation. 

After impressing at these levels, students are selected for the academy.

Once at the school the scholarship recipients must meet the academic standards set by De La Salle to continue at the AFLPNG Academy. 

If students are not meeting the required standards their progress through the system will be difficult despite their football ability.

The scholarship recipients for 2011 are: Major Alphonse, Bruno Arnold, Samson Augerea, Isaac Bakani, Brendan Beno, Junior Francis, Albert Gabi, Theo Gavuri, Ezra Gotuno, Scott Johnson, Douglas Kaiwa, Freddy Kalandi, Harry Kambuou, Ezra Kautu, Rau Kobale, Max Lavai, John Jim Lavatu, Junior Lavu, Alois Luba, Michael Macca, Noel Maguna, Nathan Malbak, Eddie Meli, Ori Nilmo, Nane rai, Gideon Simon and Jason Soong.  

The selected players must contact Kar on 76483638 and for further queries  contact the academy at [email protected]