Afore and Musa folks cut off

Letters, Normal

The National , Monday, May 30, 2011

THE people of Afore and Musa in the Ijivitari electorate in Northern are suffering in silence.
They are cut off from the rest of the country when the Pongani bridge was wash­ed away when Cyc­lone Guba struck in 2007.
Until today, Ijivitari MP David Arore has not lifted a finger to help his own people.
Isn’t that a shame?
Instead of using the mo­ney to rebuild the bridge, he decided to spend much needed funds by buying vehicles.
Whose interest is he serving – the people or his cronies?
The road from Afore station to Pongani river is littered with potholes.
Afore’s land is fertile and cash crops like coffee, chilies, cocoa and vegetables are left to rot because the farmers are unable to sell them as they are cut off.


Concerned Ese citizen