AG’s Office lauded for being diligent

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APART from the five agencies recognised by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) as outstanding, the Auditor-General’s Office was also commended for undertaking its roles diligently despite constraints in funding and resources.
PAC chairman Timothy Bonga praised the efforts of the Auditor-General’s (AG) office and encouraged them to continue the path of efficiency and diligence.
“Despite facing a lot of difficulties, the AG’s office achieved a lot and we commend it for a job well done,” he said.
Mr Bonga said the PAC had made a report to Parliament on the resourcing and funding of the AG’s Office because “it is clear that the office is and has been under-resourced and under-funded for years”.
“Successive governments have breached their constitutional duties to properly and adequately fund the office.
“We have considered the annual reports and do not require further evidence,” Mr Bonga said.
PAC member Malcolm Kela-Smith said the AG had ensured that all accounts were updated.
“The reports are full and detailed and clearly show great improvement in the efficiency and productivity of the AG’s Office despite severe capacity limits,” he added.
The PAC said it would ensure a report was delivered to relevant ministers in line with their views.