AG decries lack of compliance

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JUSTICE Minister and Attorney-General Davis Steven, pictured, says bureaucrats in Waigani have been failing to comply with the laws of the country.
He was replying to a question from Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu on coffee farmers being denied their benefits.
Steven said leaders on both sides of the House needed to support the organic law reform process.
“It comes to the House following a very important debate yesterday (Wednesday) and a presentation on the policy of the Government on the decentralisation, devaluation of powers and equitable sharing of our resources.
“I need to be careful as the standing orders prevent legal opinions from being expressed.
“The questions also relates to the issue of how much funds are payable. And that is the issue that I will need to consult other agencies in Waigani and other ministries on.”
Steven said in relation to the Eastern Highlands provincial governments’ entitlement called derivation grants, it was clear and settled in law.
He said the National Court had ordered that the payments be made to the people of Eastern Highlands, the provincial government and the coffee farmers were entitled to this grant.
“Certain elements of bureaucracy in Waigani do not seem to appreciate that the organic law and other laws and court orders must be complied with.
“If we do not observe the laws that we pass ourselves, and if we do not obey court orders, then who do we listen to?”

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