AG happy with protection laws


PAPUA New Guinea is progressing well as a nation in the enforcement of the laws protecting women and children, Justice Minister and Attorney-General Davis Steven says.
Steven told The National that the effective enforcement of the laws protecting women and children in the country was because of the continuous support from coalition partners. “One area that has given me joy is the progress we are making in recognising the vulnerable and marginalised of our community, especially our mothers and children,” he said.
“That is because of the coalition of partnership that have come, especially from non-governmental organisations, churches and public servants who are administering these laws, including the police.”
Steven told The National that the Government had made a commitment to develop the capacities of district courts so that legislations protecting women and children such as the Lukautim Pikinini Act could be effectively executed.
“My own assessment and opinion is that we just need to strengthen the enforcement and the capacity of the courts, particularly the district court,” he said.
“Lukautim Pikinini Act is a well thought-out legislation and parliament has no hesitation in passing it. The problem is that it is passed for the district courts to enforce it, so capacity building in the district courts is important.” Steven also commended the efforts of government officials that carried out awareness regarding the enforcement of the legislations.
“Based on reports and statistics, there are more activity and awareness, especially what goes on in police station in enforcing the laws,” he said.