Agarobe’s Facebook post condemns deaths, violence


CENTRAL Governor Robert Agarobe has jolted Port Moresby politicians by posting on Facebook describing Papua New Guinea’s capital as “More deaths in amazing Port Moresby”.
“What is the National Capital Governor and Housing Minister and Moresby South MP doing about these deaths and what are their long-term plans to fix these continued loss of innocent lives and the growing law and order issues in bloody amazing Port Moresby.
“Stop building stupid multi-million-kina infrastructure in amazing Port Moresby like stadiums, roads, markets after markets whereby you do not grow anything to sell in them.
“Build some real industry to create job opportunities for your residents, for goodness sake,” Agarobe said in his posting following an ethic slaying of a 29-year-old in Koki on Friday.
Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko responded by saying that the issues were from “one particular ethnic group”.
“That group comes from Central, and when the Governor talks about what are we doing about law and order, I think he better look at himself and tell his people to behave or go back to Central.
“We do not need them here in Central or Moresby South.
“The reason why the Central people are coming to Moresby South is because we have all the facilities here for them, we have the transit centre, we have the markets, which they all utilise because they have nothing in Central,” Tkatchenko said.
“The people of Central have no infrastructure, no markets no nothing.
“That is why they are coming to the city to make money, to get employed and to get health services.”