Agency investing in bulb onion production in WHP


THE Fresh Produce Development Agency (FPDA) is investing in bulb onion production and the training of farmers in Western Highlands.
Farmers in the Konda villages of Kelua and Keta in Keltiga, Mt Hagen Central received two model farms and irrigation systems from the FPDA.
Kelua farmers received theirs on Oct 8 from the FPDA executive manager Joe Koima.
Farmers in Keltiga witnessed their model farm being launched by general manager and chief executive officer Mark Worinu.
Worinu said the villagers in that part of Western Highlands were known for potato farming, kaukau (sweet potato) and vegetables.
Growing bulb onions was something new to them.
Since 2013, FPDA extension advisers who had been managing potato farmers in the area included bulb onion under their programme.
“At FPDA, we do not provide everything to farmers,” Worinu said.
“We only assist as and when farmers have started the process.
“We do not believe in paper farmers and middlemen.
“If you are serious about taking farming as a business, we are there to help you grow.”
Worinu said the Government’s priority was now on agriculture as the backbone of the economy and major revenue earner.

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