Agency: Protect yourself from HIV this festive season

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The National, Tuesday December 17th, 2013

 PEOPLE have been reminded to practise safe sex and be aware of HIV-AIDS during the festive season.

Rodney Mukinere of the PNG Business Coalition against HIV-Aids in Lae said people must take precautions. 

“My message to all is please take precautions and care in whatever you may do this Christmas,” he said.

“The life we have is the only life we will enjoy on earth,” he said.

“If that life is destroyed through reckless behaviour, the entire family, friends and relatives would be greatly affected.” 

He said Christmas was a time many people sought leave to spend time with their families, friends and loved ones. 

Others spent it partying and celebrating in many different activities, continuing into the New Year. 

They sometimes take risks and ignore simple rules on safe sex.

He said a lot of risky behaviour occurred during the time when people were drunk. 

“They become vulnerable to HIV infections through drunkenness and unsafe sex practices,” he said. “Protect your family by protecting yourself.”