Agency sends first lot of students to the Phillipines

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The National, Monday 29th April 2013

 PARADISE International Education Consultancy (PIEC) will send off the first batch of high school students who will be studying in the Philippines for the school year 2013. 

The school year starts on June 10. 

Fifteen of the 130 new PNG students going to the Philippines make up the first batch of PNG high school students to be enrolled in Cebu. 

PIEC executive consultant Jensen Chow said: “Just like the PNG students who go to the Philippine universities, PNG high school students deserve to avail of quality education offered in the best value for money.”

The students can choose from the 11 private high schools in Cebu, whose tuition fees range from K1,700 to K9,900. 

PIEC provides a boarding facility exclusive for minors, which is managed by professional educators and staff trained under the Australian Boarding Schools Association standards. Boarding fees are K15,990 per year, inclusive of accommodation, dorm facilities, meals, laundry, and the privilege to stay in the dormitory during any holidays.

PIEC is a Filipino education placement agency based in Cebu, Philippines. 

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