Aggressive Kumuls lack finesse

Letters, Normal

IT was exciting to watch the Kumuls perform at the Parramatta Stadium with a good crowd support.
They started reasonably well but lacked coordination, strength, aggressive hit-ups, tackles and speed.
It was painful to see them failing to break the duck over the entire 80 minutes.
It was obvious the Kumuls lacked training despite their aggressiveness and teamwork.
There was no game plan in the final 20 minutes of the game.
The Kumuls ran out of gas and allowed the Kangaroos to take advantage.
I would like to stress that in any international events, there are limits for the individuals or teams to consider when facing the media.
There are certain things the interviewees can chose not to disclose to protect the individuals and the team.
The Australian media kicked up a big fuss to intimidate the Kumuls.
In developed countries, players are taught and briefed on how to respond to the media.
However, I doubt any of our players were taught that or told what to say and what not to say.
As a result, a lot of personal details that were published and the players were made to look stupid.
For instance, to pose a question whether one would tackle his idol(s) was a cheap shot and the player concerned could have said anything under the sky except to answer it.
There were a lot of concerns raised by rugby fans in PNG.
The in-house leadership battle within the PNGRFL office, the resignation of coach Adrian Lam, the refusal of some overseas-based players to play for PNG and the appointment of Gene were some of the controversial issues.
The unprecedented circumstances resulting in players hit with a hefty A$100 fine for bridging the curfew was played up to the maximum by the Australian media.
The PNGRFL hierarchy needs to be overhauled.
The players’ preparations were poorly planned and there was no warm-up matches for the Kumuls
in the country and around the Pacific Islands.
For them to organise a lead-up match with the feeder club such as Ipswich Jets was a joke.
I hope the Kumuls will score some tries in their remaining matches.
Another zero will be a disgrace to PNG.
Otherwise, I would like to commend Aiton for fearlessly showcasing the raw talents on the paddock
To Kolo and Yere, you’ve done a good job. You can beat the odds in the next two games with these strengths, passion and determination.
Mental and physical health is the essence of any game, for that matter.


Ipundu Amessi
Parramatta, NSW