Agiru’s free education a flop

Letters, Normal

THE Southern Highlands provincial government must invest the money generated from oil and gas for the future generations.
This has been a major failure of Governor Anderson Agiru’s regime.
His free education policy failed dismally due to lack of vision.
On the other hand, this policy was a success in Enga.
Statistics show the standard of education in SHP is declining.
How many SHP students are studying in our tertiary institution?
Mr Agiru must channel his efforts to build the human resource not only in SHP but also Hela when it becomes a province in 2012.
I find it embarrassing to read the oil-rich province has failed dismally when it comes to educating the people.
Save and use our funds generated from the oil and gas sector for school fees.
One thing is for sure. Mr Agiru must operate from the Agiru Centre and not by remote control if he wants to address the problems in SHP.



Ipa Tebi
Via email