Agiru’s petrochemical project a pipedream


The National

Southern Highlands Governor Anderson Agiru announced last week that since he and his Hela people have successfully deli­vered the licence-based be­nefits sharing agreement for the PNG LNG project, his next challenge is to start a petrochemical project.
I can only say that it a pipedream.
Mr Agiru was the biggest advocate of downstream gas processing in PNG prior to the 2007 national elections.
I remember him taking up full or half page advertisements to explain his vision to develop Hela and PNG by going full-stream downstream gas processing.
Well, whatever happened to his vision since winning the SHP governor’s seat?
Did he fight hard to get a good deal from the LNG project by ensuring downstream processing was recognised in the LNG agreement?
Absolutely, no!
He sold Hela’s Gigira Laitabo cheaply.
Mr Agiru is a good spin doctor with his political rhetoric.
He is anything but a hero when the battle is fought in his backyard.
The gas agreement he and the State signed on May 22 last year left no room for anyone to develop petrochemical or any other downstream projects.
So Mr Agiru should stop his maus wara.
Giaman tumas